Infamous is So Much More Fun When Evil. (spoilers)

So then why does the game want you to be good? I first played through the game and cleared the city getting good karma, and thought the game was pretty awesome to say the least. I preferred using the neon power because it would let me incapacitate DUPs and drug dealers efficiently so that I could get enough karmic actions to launch the super move that the neon power has.

But the problem was, often I felt that I would just use the neon power, occasionally the video power, but never the concrete or smoke powers. (Which to me is funny because I am pretty sure the smoke power is supposed to be the main one.) So after I finished the game 100% I decided just like I did in previous Infamous entries that now it was time to be bad. And what do you know, I love the smoke power now. Having the ability to get launched higher out of vents made the feeling of zooming from building to building just so much more reliable.


And even though the neon power is strong enough to down most DUPs with one headshot, I found myself not using it all the time like I did when I was playing through as the good Delsin. The video power is as well more powerful when used as evil, and it is a bit satisfying to see demons crushing my enemies after I go invisible.

Yet, the biggest drawback to it was how people reacted whenever you chose the bad paths. For instance when you corrupt Fetch into hunting and obliterating Lifeline activists versus teaching her to practice self-control and merely incapacitate and capture drug dealers. To me this wasn't so painful, as I can easily be a murderous maniac within these kinds of games, but to some people I am sure that this and many other evil decisions in the game can leave you feeling guilty for performing the actions.

Why you looking at me like that Reg?

The story to the game is pretty well constructed and none of the voice acting makes my head hurt which is two big bonuses to the game. As well as Delsin is a awesome anti-hero and he fits the vandalizing character that he is. I still need to play through the extra missions I got with the game because it is pieces together the events that occurred between Infamous 2 and Infamous: Second Son.


Also, the visuals in this game are just as they are being raved about, gorgeous. I still can't believe how good the lighting is in this game. Infamous shows me what could possibly come from the PS4 in the future, after all visuals can only get better over time, as shown by past consoles.

Lastly, I think that the red bird on the back of Delsin's jacket after he becomes level 5 evil karma looks much cooler than the blue bird on the back of his jacket when he becomes a true hero. Maybe it is because his outfit has a lot of red in it.


Overall though, I think this game is the current must-have for the PS4, but that isn't saying much when you look at the catalog for the system.

(Basically what that last sentence said is if you have a PS4 and no Infamous I do not know what you are doing with the system other than waiting for games and watching Netflix.)

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