Is the Nintendo Revolution coming? (Just a few thoughts)

Well, another post coming in, one of which I am unsure will even be seen once by anyone. Yet I feel it important to put my thoughts about Nintendo and the Wii U on my blog here on Kinja.

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So obviously Nintendo has been struggling, and even more so now that PS4 and the Xbone are finally getting under way with some AAA titles. I mean look at the difference in sales between the three consoles. Yet, when I think about it I think that Nintendo might have a good increase in sales here in the coming months.


Nintendo has Mario Kart 8 coming out next month and I am quite excited about it. It is my hope that this game and Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3ds will put the console in better light than it has been, and increase its sales. Another thing that I really hope is Nintendo will actually host a press conference at this years E3 and reveal a couple big time games, such as a new Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Metroid game.

Even though these are all first party games, I think that if these games are all excellent (which is likely) then the system will sell more, which in turn could draw more developers to the system again due to a bigger audience to sell to. But obviously it might not be enough to draw in developers.


Another thing that Nintendo needs to do is figure out some way to enable some kind of cross-play between the 3ds and Wii U. That would be huge as obviously the cross-play for PS is convenient and useful, as well as just plain-out cool.

Personally I think the Wii U is a great system, but it obviously isn't as powerful as the new powerhouses from Sony and Microsoft, but it has some really fun games and Miiverse is a fun game session ending social network to view as well as a good place to find friends to play co-op games with for games that have small communities.


Further, Nintendo will hold (FINALLY) a Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 3 p.m. Pacific time to solely talk about Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3ds. While this is exciting, I currently am wondering what are their plans for the Wii U this 2014 because looking at the list of upcoming titles leaves something to be desired. Especially when you compare it to the catalogs the PS4 and Xbone will have.

What does everyone think? Will Nintendo's first party line-up be enough to save the Wii U?

I just realized that Nintendo Revolution was what the Wii was being called at first XD

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