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Hi everyone! Not sure what I want to say about myself. I guess I can tell you that my real name is Dillon Earl Jones, but here on Kinja, and in other mediums please refer to me as Spiegel. I chose the name Spiegel because the first Anime I ever really fell in love with was Cowboy Bebop and Spike was my favorite character.

Some of my favorite activities are:

Video Games: I play them all the time, think about them all the time, wonder what will come next in the world. I usually set a large set of time to play each day, even if I have a ton of work to do. My favorite genre is survival horror, and favorite game of all time is Resident Evil Outbreak.

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Music: I play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and saxophone. I have been doing so since I was a very little being and I am very passionate about music. I prefer rock music, and actually listen to J-Rock a lot. (Mainly older bands, not too many good new J-Rock bands.) But I also love metal very much and have done vocals for a band before, but we never recorded anything.

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Writing: I enjoy writing about random things. Sometimes I will just write about something that is in my vicinity. I think I picked up writing as a hobby because when I moved to Texas when I was 12 I didn't have any friends (still kind of don't) so I turned to the internet. I RPed online a ton, only paragraph style if you understand what that means. Through that I met one of my best friends, who I still have yet to meet in person.


Movies: Mainly horror flicks, but I like Quentin Tarantino's films a ton. Not much else to say about these as I don't really see many these days.

Japanese: I really enjoy the Japanese language, I have been studying it for 8 years and still have much to learn.


If you need to reach me for any reason you can email me at:


Better yet if you want to be my gaming friend here is my list of info!

Xbox: xTheBiohazard (Don't play on the box too much)

PS: xThe Biohazard (I'm usually on)

Steam: キラ|Spiegel!

Origin: xSpiegel xBiohazard#5433

Wii U: xTheBiohazard


Lastly, you can follow me on twitter which has links to anything I write: @this_is_spiegel


Then of course if you like what I write here on Kinja, go here.

Illustration for article titled xSpiegels Contayct Page

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